The Weekend - Getting A Subscription (C0245)

A:  Good afternoon Ma'am, My name is Mike and I am selling subscriptions to all sorts of periodicals.
B:  No thank you, I am not interested.
A:  Please ma'am , if you could spare five minutes of your time, I am sure we could find something that interests you!
B:  I wish I could, but Ihave to walk the dog and finish cooking so if you would excuse me.
A:  We have a great variety of magazines all about cooking! This one for example, is a bi monthly publication with recipes from all over the world!
B:  Wow, that would be kind of useful, do you have any other cooking magazines?
A:  Sure do! This one is a quarterly publication, but each issue has over 200 color pages of recipes and also many home decorating ideas!
B:  Wow, this is nice! Ok, sign me up for both publications.
A:  You mentioned you have a dog, most pet owners sign up for this weekly newsletter that has information on dog care, pet shops and even pet sitters!
B:  That is exactly what I needed! What else do you have?
A:  Well, I also have....

Key Vocabulary

subscriptiona purchase by prepayment for goods or services
if you could sparedo you have, can you offer
quarterlyat three month intervals
issuea final publication such as a magazine
pet sitterperson who takes care of pets in owner's absence

Supplementary Vocabulary

cable tvtv channels which are purchased for a monthly fee
internet serviceservice that provides internet access for a fee
gym membershippaid membership that provides access to the gym
Voguea magazine that is delivered monthly
NY Timesa newspaper printed daily

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