Daily Life - At The Train Station (C0246)

A:  Hi, I would like to purchase a one way ticket to Brussels please.
B:  Certainly sir, this is our train schedule. We have an express train departing every morning and an overnight train that departs at nine pm.
A:  How long does it take to get there?
B:  About twelve hours. We currently have tickets available only for first class on the express train. If you'd like, you can choose a sleeper on the overnight train which is a bit less expensive.
A:  Yeah, I think that is the best option. Do you serve food on the train? Twelve hours is such a long time!
B:  Yes of course. There is a dining car towards the front of the train where they serve meals at all times. We do provide complimentary water and coffee for all of our passengers.
A:  Great! I'll take it.
B:  Here you are sir. Your train leaves from platform number nine at nine on the dot. Remember to be here at least thirty minutes before your scheduled departure time or else you might miss your train!
A:  I understand. Thank you very much !
B:  Have a great trip.

Key Vocabulary

one way ticketa ticket that allows you only to go to a certain destination
departto leave, start a voyage
platformA flat elevated portion of ground
on the doton time, precisely at a certain time
scheduled departure timeplanned at a specific time to leave

Supplementary Vocabulary

round-trip ticketa ticket to travel to and from your destination
coacha less expensive travel seating option
hard-sleepera sleeping train car with less padding
soft-sleepera sleeping train car with more padding
train conductorthe person in charge of operating the train

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