The Office - Interview Skills 5 - Discussing Reasons For Leaving Previous Position (C0247)

Mr. Parsons:  Okay, now I'd like to find out more about your last job. I see you spent almost four years at the London Weekly , is that right?
Rebecca:  Yes, that's right. To be honest, the first year was quite tough for me. I was really just treated more like an intern. I didn't have many responsibilities and I found it quite frustrating.
Mr. Parsons:  So, what changed?
Rebecca:  Well slowly but surely I proved myself, and the new editor liked me so he promoted me to features writer .
Mr. Parsons:  Wow, a real step up!
Rebecca:  Yes I was responsible for restaurant and food reviews mostly. I spent restaurant years in that position, but to be honest it wasn't an area of journalism I wanted to stay in long-term.
Mr. Parsons:  I see, so why did you decide to leave finally?
Rebecca:  I just felt that the paper couldn't offer me any new opportunities. I really needed a more challenging role to be honest.

Key Vocabulary

frustratingto cause feelings of discouragement or bafflement
slowly but surelyhappening gradually but inevitably or without fail
to prove oneselfto show to have the character or ability expected
long-termcovering a relatively long period of time
challenginga test of one's abilities or resources in a demanding but stimulating undertaking

Supplementary Vocabulary

unsatisfieda feeling of unfulfillment
promoteto go up in rank or status(at your job)
trial periodto prove your worth(at your job)
food critica person who critiques food at restaurants
disinterestedto not have an interest in something

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