Daily Life - Dinnerware (C0248)

A:  Honey can you set the table?
B:  Um, sure. What are we having for dinner? Do I need to put out anything in particular?
A:  Well, make sure to put out the pepper and salt shakers. I don't know if your brother is coming tonight so set an extra place mat just in case.
B:  Ok, should I use the fancy silverware?
A:  Yeah go ahead, forks, spoons and knives. I roasted some meat so be sure to put out some steak knives as well.
B:  I'll also set some cups and saucers for some coffee after dinner.
A:  Honey? Have you seen our soup bowls?
B:  They are in the cupboard where you keep the gravy boat and serving dishes. Just be careful because the wine glasses are also there.
A:  Oops!

Key Vocabulary

to set the tableprepare the table so as to sit down and eat
anything in particularanything specific
silverwareeating utensils: fork, spoon, knife
to roastto bake uncovered, esp. in an oven
serving disha dish used for serving food

Supplementary Vocabulary

forka fork used specifically for eating salads
fine chinaa term used for expensive dinnerware
spoonspoon used specifically for eating soup
dinner partyinviting friends over for dinner
tea kettlea pot used for boiling the water for tea

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