The Weekend - Making A Sandwich (C0249)

A:  Welcome to our show! Today, I am going to show you how to make the perfect mouthwatering sandwich! Are you ready? Let's get started !
A:  Let's start with the basics :bread. Bread is an important ingredient here. You need to remember one thing -choose the bread according to the following criteria :freshness, crumb and color. If you want a closed sandwich I recommend you first toast your bread in a toaster or oven, or grill it slightly until it gets a light brown color.
A:  Now that our bread is ready, let's talk about the ingredients ! Of course, each person's palate is different, but I'm going to give you a few tips that you'll be able to use when turning any sandwich into the perfect sandwich. I would strongly recommend you put fresh vegetables in your sandwich.
A:  Do not undervalue them as they play a big role in forming the taste and will make the sandwich more refreshing and light. The best choices here are evident- cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, sweet pepper pepper or chilli, lettuce and, of course, herbs- you can't go wrong with them. As for aubergines, mushrooms and asparagus, I would recommend you first grill them slightly with a little touch of olive oil.
A:  Last but not least, we have a wide variety of condiments that we can add to our perfect sandwich. We can be subtle and just add a touch of salt and pepper, or we can combine mustard sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup or even caviar to achieve a stronger flavor! It's always a good idea to cut your sandwich in triangles or manageable pieces to avoid all your ingredients falling out and staining your shirt!
A:  That's all the time we have for today, but join us next time where we'll be going over how to make the perfect lasagna! Till next time!

Key Vocabulary

to undervalueto put too low a value on
refreshingto provide new vigor and energy by rest, food, etc.
a toucha slight quantity or degree
subtleso slight as to be difficult to detect or describe
manageablethat can be managed or controlled

Supplementary Vocabulary

paninioriginally an italian style sandwich made with a small loaf of bread
delia store where you can buy sandwich meats and bread
cooking showa show which teaches people how to cook
wheat breada dark brown bread considered to be healthier to eat
picklesa cucumber which has been fermented in a vinegar solution

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