Global View - Contraceptives (C0252)

A:  Alright, settle down everyone. As part of this school's curriculum we'll be covering sex ed this week.
A:  Now I want everyone to take this class seriously, sexual education is very important and I want you to ask as many questions as you can think of. Remember, there are no stupid questions here.
B:  Miss Carlton? What exactly is sexual education? Are you going to teach us like Kama sutra stuff like that?
A:  No Jason, that's not exactly what sex ed is. Basically, we will talk about sexually transmitted diseases, contraceptives and how the male and female bodies work.
B:  My older sister is in college and she takes what she and her friends call the pill. I never really understood what that is, but I know it has to do with sex or something.
A:  Good point Jason! This will be the topic of our first class, contraceptives. As you mentioned, the pill is one of the many that exist. The birth control pill is taken daily by a woman in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but it does not protect her from contracting STD's from an infected person. Another popular method is using condoms. This is probably the best method if you have sex, since it not only prevents a woman from getting pregnant but also protects both from STD's. Yes Jason?
B:  What are condoms made out of? How exactly is it that a woman gets pregnant?
A:  Condoms are usually made out of an elastic material called Latex. As for your other question, that's a whole new class.

Key Vocabulary

curriculumthe aggregate of courses of study given in a school, college, university, etc.
contraceptivedevice, drug, or chemical agent that prevents conception
condoma thin sheath worn over the penis during sex
to preventto stop from happening
to contractto get or acquire, as by exposure to something contagious

Supplementary Vocabulary

72 hour pilla pill taken immediately or within 72 hours of having unprotected sex
abortionthe termination of a pregnancy
planned parenthooda clinic in America which deals with sexually active adults
syphillisone form of a sexually transmitted disease
penicilluman anti-biotic used to treat syphillis

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