The Office - Interview Skills 7 - Describing Ones Weaknesses (C0253)

Mr Parsons:  Okay Rebecca, well I think you'vegiven me a clear impression of your positive qualities, but let's talk a little bit about your weaknesses.
Rebecca:  Okay, well it's always more difficult to describe them isn't it?
Mr Parsons:  Definitely, but if you had to pinpoint one weakness what would it be?
Rebecca:  Well as I mentioned before, I do tend to get frustrated if I don't see progress in my work or career. I suppose I'm quite a restless character. My father always taught me to be a high achiever so.
Mr Parsons:  So would you say if things don't go your way at work it could easily get you down?
Rebecca:  Well, in a way yes. But I must say that even if I'm not completely happy in my work I always give 110% I would never shirk my responsibilities. I suppose sometimes Iexpect too much too soon.
Mr Parsons:  Well, you know journalism is a highly competitive world, so you do need to keep pushing yourself it's true. Okay well lets move on to talk about the job position here shall we?
Rebecca:  Yes please.

Key Vocabulary

weaknessa personal defect or failing
to pinpointto locate or describe exactly or precisely
go someone's wayproceed according to one's plans or wishes
get someone downto exhaust, discourage, or depress someone
to shirkto avoid or neglect
impressionthe feelings one has after a specific event

Supplementary Vocabulary

honestto tell the truth
workaholica person who is obsessed with their work
professionalto still behave accordingly even if unhappy
over-achieverto strive to be the best
temper tantrumto throw a fit if things do no go your way

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