The Weekend - Making Breakfast (C0254)

A:  Smells good! What's for breakfast?
B:  Well, since we are getting up so late, I decided to make a big breakfast!
A:  Nice! Brunch!
B:  Kind of, so I made scrambled and soft boiled eggs, some french toast and buttermilk pancakes!
A:  Wow! You really went all out! Did you make any coffee?
B:  Yeah, just the way you like it! I also put out some cereal and muesli if you feel like having something more light.
A:  Looks good! I'll squeeze us some fresh orange juice.
B:  Getthe jam and butter while you are in there! Oh! And don't forget the syrup!

Key Vocabulary

bruncha meal that serves as both breakfast and lunch
kind ofto some extent; somewhat; rather; sort of
pancakea thin, flat cake of batter fried on both sides
to go all outwith maximum effort; using all one's resources
jama preserve of whole fruit, slightly crushed, boiled with sugar

Supplementary Vocabulary

oatmeala meal made from oats softened by boiling water
bacona strip of fat and meat usually made from pork
Cap'n Cruncha breakfast cereal brand in America
wafflesa pancake like breakfast made in squares rather than circles
eggs benedicta poached egg on half of a english muffin with a hollandaise sauce

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