The Office - Interview Skills 8 - Discussing Salary and Benefits (C0256)

Mr. Parsons:  Okay, well I'm sure you have a number of questions to ask me regarding the position.
Rebecca:  Yes, well Miss Childs did give me an overview of the position over the phone, but there were some details I'd like to clarify.
Mr. Parsons:  Well feel free to ask me anything, and I'll try to fill in the details.
Rebecca:  Could I first ask about the remuneration package ?
Mr. Parsons:  Yes of course. That's quite an important point isn't it? As a junior sub editor we offer a starting salary of 150,000 HK dollars per annum. This doesn't include a generous housing allowance also.
Rebecca:  I understand. And are there other bonuses included?
Mr. Parsons:  Well apart from full health insurance we do offer a company staff bonus scheme linked to readership numbers. But we could go through all the details of that at a later date.
Rebecca:  Well Mr. Parsons, I am flexible when it comes to salary. The opportunity to work in Hong Kong for you is the most important thing for me.
Mr. Parsons:  Excellent. Well, what other questions do you have Rebecca?

Key Vocabulary

remuneration packagemoney and benefits given to someone for the work
per annumeach year
housing allowancemoney that a company provides for rent of a house
flexibleable to change or to do different things
go throughto study or look at (something) in a careful way

Supplementary Vocabulary

GrossOverall sum excluding tax and any deductions
NetFree from all charges or deductions
Income TaxA tax on the amount of money you earn
Stock OptionsA benefit offered by a company to purchase stock for a fixed price
BonusAn additional payment or reward given for good work or performance

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