Daily Life - You're Grounded! (C0258)

A:  Do you know what time it is?
B:  Um. Ten?
A:  Get in this door young man. It's midnight, you are two hours past curfew.
B:  I know, but it wasn't my fault! I told Jennifer she had to drop me off before ten, but she wouldn't leave the party!
A:  I don't care! You are grounded for life mister!
B:  Mom! That is so unfair!
A:  You know the rules and you broke them. No allowance and no TV for a week. I usually never ground you but this time I have to put my foot down!
B:  What! For being a couple of hours late? You have to be kidding!
A:  I don't want to hear it! Now go to your room!

Key Vocabulary

curfeworder requiring one to be indoors at a certain time
allowancemoney given on a regular basis for personal use
groundto restrict one's activities, esp. of a child
drop one offto unload someone as from a car, ship etc.

Supplementary Vocabulary

furiousoverly angry or upset
punishto be reprimanded
unexcusablehave no reason or excuse
unreliablea person who cannot be trusted to do something
dissappointedto be angry or sad when an expectation is not met

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