The Office - Interview Skills 9 - Asking For Information About The Position (C0259)

Rebecca:  Could you tell me a little about the organization? For example, how big is your workforce here?
Mr. Parsons:  Well in total we have around 150 employees based in Hong Kong with another 400 in our head office in Beijing. The newsdesk staff in Hong Kong comprises around 80 staff.
Rebecca:  I see. And how about the working hours?
Mr. Parsons:  Well, as you know Rebecca, in journalism work hours are not exactly 9-5. You could be on call at any time. We do have to work very unsociable hours at times.
Rebecca:  Well I am used to that Mr. Parsons, so that's not really a shock for me.
Mr. Parsons:  Good, as long as you understand that.
Rebecca:  And when do you need to fill the vacancy, Mr. Parsons?
Mr. Parsons:  Yesterday! But no, we are hoping to start from the beginning of next month.
Rebecca:  That sounds ideal.

Key Vocabulary

how aboutwhat do you think
used toaccustomed or habituated to
on callto be available to work at any time
nine to five9AM-5PM

Supplementary Vocabulary

overtimeto work more than your normal working schedule
policya set of rules or procedures in a company
dress coderules regarding how one should dress
pay slipa receipt with information about your salary, deductions and taxes.
HRHuman Resources

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