Daily Life - Describing Someone's Face (C0261)

A:  Let's play a game!
B:  Ok! How about Scrabble?
A:  No no, a friend of mine taught me this really fun game. I'm going to describe someone's face, and you guess who it is!
B:  Ok!
A:  Let's see. He has a roman nose, bushy eyebrows and dimples!
B:  Our cousin Pete! My turn! She has a pointy nose, sunken eyes and a mole on her chin!
A:  Aunt Rose! That mole is so huge! Ok, my turn. He has a crooked nose and full lips. He has quite a few freckles and an oval face. Oh, he is also bald!
B:  Your future husband!
A:  Not funny.

Key Vocabulary

dimplea small natural indentation in the flesh
molea small, dark brown spot on a person's skin
frecklea small, brownish spot on someone's skin
ovalhaving the shape of an egg

Supplementary Vocabulary

cheeksthe fleshy side of the face
nostrilsthe holes in the nose that allow the pass of air
foreheada part of the face above the eyes
eyelashthe hair on the eyelid that protects the eye
chinthe lower portion of the face including the jaw

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