Daily Life - Toothache (C0264)

A:  What seems to be the problem?
B:  I have a really bad toothache! My cheek is swollen and I can't eat anything.
A:  Let's have a look. Hmmm. This doesn't look too good. I think we may have to pull out your wisdom tooth. It's pressing against your molars and that's one of the reasons you are experiencing so much pain.
B:  When you pull my tooth will you also have to extract the nerve and the root?
A:  First we will take some x-rays and see what we're dealing with. I also noticed a small cavity up front here, so you are going to need a filling.
B:  I guess that's what I get for not flossing or brushing my teeth three times a day.
A:  It could be that, or maybe you are eating too many sweets. In any case, I'll administer an anesthetic and you won't feel a thing!

Key Vocabulary

swollenincrease in size with liquid or internal pressure
wisdom toothone of four rearmost molars on each side of both jaws
to experiencehave the experience of; undergo; feel
that is what one gets forthat is what one deserves for
to brushto clean with a brush
to administerto give or apply as a remedy or relief

Supplementary Vocabulary

fluoridea mouthwash given by the dentist that contains fluoride
root canala dental operation to save a tooth by removing the diseased contents from the canal of the root of the tooth and filling it with a protective substance
rinse your mouthput water in one's mouth, swish it around and spit it back out
gumsthe firm, fleshy tissue that covers the inside of the jaws and that surrounds the bases of the teeth
molara type of tooth at the back of the mouth with a rounded or flattened surface for grinding food

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