The Weekend - Pest Control (C0265)

A:  Hi, did you call for an exterminator?
B:  Yes! Thank goodness you're here. These bugs are driving us crazy!
A:  What sort of pest are we dealing with?
B:  We just bought this house and it is infected with just about everything. We have termites in the wood, cockroaches all over the place, and last night I saw a huge rat out in the backyard!
A:  Well, there's nothing we can't handle. I'll spray the floorboards and walls to get rid of the cockroaches, but the termites will be harder to get rid of. We will have to cover the entire house and fumigate it. Unfortunately that means you will have to find a place to stay for the next three days.
B:  No problem, just get rid of the bugs!

Key Vocabulary

exterminatora professional who kills pests
pestan annoying and harmful insect or animal
fumigateto spray with smoke or other chemicals
can't handlenot be able to deal with

Supplementary Vocabulary

pesticidestrong chemical used to kill bugs and pests
fleaa small insect that is usually found in hairy animals like cats and dogs
mouse trapdevice used to catch or kill mice
fly swattera hand-held device for swatting flies and other insects
roach motelsmall device where cockroaches can enter and eat poisoned food

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