The Office - Purchasing Manager (C0268)

A:  Good morning, Angela, how have you been lately?
B:  Morning, Michael. I’ve been very busy lately. One of our other vendors is going out of business and I’ve been searching for a suitable replacement.
A:  Well, rest assured that you can count on us to be here for the long run sit down. Coffee?
B:  No, thanks. I’ve been trying to cut down on the caffeine .
A:  Haha, I could never do that. I’d be a zombie if I didn’t have my morning coffee fix. Let’s get down to business then.
B:  Yes. I’ve come to talk with you about ordering the eight megapixel cameras for our new MePhone. The demand for phone cameras is growing, and Pear has been falling behind in the market.
A:  That’s great! I’m glad to hear that Pear has finally jumped on the bandwagon. Right now our contract is for the five megapixel cameras. Is Pear still interested in having those?
B:  No, we’re changing all the cameras to eight megapixels. We were hoping that by making your company our sole supplier for cameras we could negotiate a better deal.
A:  Surely. Let’s get started by drafting a new contract.

Key Vocabulary

suitablehaving the right qualities
assuredto be sure, certain
long runphrase used to express a long period of time.
contracta formal written agreement between two or more people
negotiateto reach an agreement on money, terms, etc
soleunique. One and only
supplierperson or company who sells you goods
the long runa long period of time

Supplementary Vocabulary

lead timetime needed to ship or manufacture goods
payment termsterms or conditions for payment
backorderorder which cannot be taken or filled now
wholesalesale of goods and services to retailers
buyerProfessional purchaser specializing in a specific group of materials, goods, or services

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