The Office - Marketing Plan (C0269)

A:  Okay everyone, let’s begin. I called you here today to evaluate our marketing strategy during this recession. I wanted to re-emphasize our corporate mission of Aiming to give our customers the best coffee and service in a clean and welcoming atmosphere.
B:  Several other shops have reduced the prices for their coffees and are drawing in more customers. Why aren’t we doing the same thing?
A:  I know that recent sales have been slow, but we are not going to reduce our prices to the level of our competitors. We offer a superior product and our focus is on long-term growth rather than short-term sales. If we lower our prices, we run the risk of devaluing our product.
B:  Customers don’t care about the coffee anymore. They only care about the price.
A:  I disagree. Highly discerning customers know that our coffee is far better than the coffee you buy at the other places. Our coffee bean are artisan roasted and we use state-of-the-art equipment to brew our coffees. When you compare the coffees side-by-side our coffee wins the taste test every time. We have never sought to appeal to the mass market with cheap coffee drinks, and we will not do so now.
C:  That’s true. We’ve certainly achieved top of mind awareness when it comes to the best best tasting brews and it’s important to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. I think the main question is how we can show our appreciation to our customers.
A:  That’s the main question I would like to discuss today.
B:  Money is tight for everyone these days so even our most loyal customers may be reconsidering the money they pay for their morning coffee. Since the superiority of our coffee beans is one of our core competencies why don’t we sell the beans for people to brew coffee at home.
C:  That could definitely be a way we could expand our company, but would we be undermining the essence of the company that way?
A:  Let’s brainstorm some more ideas, and do some research. The customer always comes first, and what the customer wants, the customer gets. Maybe it’s time we started selling coffee beans.

Key Vocabulary

devaluereduce in value
discerningShowing insight and understanding
state-of-the-artthe latest and most advanced in technology
awarenessshowing realization and perception
undermineto subvert or weaken insidiously or secretly

Supplementary Vocabulary

Product Placementalso called "embedded marketing", where a company's products are placed in strategic places in film, television, or other forms of media
Downturna recession ; when things are not going very well
Value Propositionan analysis of the total cost and benefits of a product that a company can deliver its customers
R&DResearch and development
Excelto be very good at doing something, to do something better than anyone else
Lifestyle Segmentationwhen the population is divided up into different categories based upon hobbies, interests, spending habits, etc.
Word of Mouthadvertisement that is spread through positive reviews from consumers, instead of from print or TV commercials

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