Daily Life - Buying A Suit (C0270)

A:  Hello sir, what can I do for you today?
B:  Hi, I need a new suit. I have an important interview next week, so I really need to look sharp.
A:  No problem! We have a broad selection of suits, all tailored made so that it will fit perfectly.
B:  Great! I want a three piece suit, preferably made from Italian cashmere or wool.
A:  Very well sir. Would you like to have some shirts made also?
B:  Sure. I’ll also take some silver cuff link and a pair of silk ties.
A:  Very good. Now, if you will accompany me, we can take your measurements and choose the patterns for your suit and shirts.

Key Vocabulary

sharpstylish or fashionable
broadwide;a lot
preferablymost wanted or preferred
accompanyto go together with

Supplementary Vocabulary

Collarthe cloth around the neckline of a shirt, that is folded over
Impressionthe first feeling you give when you encounter/meet someone
Custom-mademade according to your own specifications
Alterationa change (in length, width, fit) made to an item of clothing
Dry-CleanA cleaning process that uses chemicals to clean clothes
HerringboneA type of pattern, common on suits, that resembles thin, "saw-like" lines
Garmentan article of clothing

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