Daily Life - Getting A Nanny (C0272)

Grace:  Hey Mel! Are you up for some tennis today?
Mel:  Sorry, I can’t! I have to go to work, pick up Jake and Maddie from school, and make them an afternoon snack, then take Jake to soccer practice and Maddie to dance class.
Grace:  You sound exhausted. Maybe you should hire a nanny to help you out! She can pick the kids up and take them to their after-school activities. She can also help you do some household chores, and run some errands.
Mel:  Oh, I don't know... it's hard to find the right nanny .You have to consider her previous work experience, the responsibilities you give her, and how she interacts with the kids. I would love to have someone to help me out, though.
Grace:  I think you should definitely consider it! This way you won’t have to juggle such a busy schedule, and you’ll still get to spend time with the kids in the evenings. I can refer you this great nanny Amy. She used to work for my neighbors, before they moved away. She’s very responsible, a good cook, and great with kids.
Mel:  Oh, that’s great. Thanks Grace. Can you give me her number? I’ll talk it over with Dan and give her a call tomorrow. Maybe this way I won’t be so tired every day, and Dan and I might even get to go on a date once in a while .

Key Vocabulary

exhaustedvery tired
hireto give work
nannya woman who is paid to care for a young child
chorea small job that is done regularly
errandshort journey that you take to do or get something
juggleto do several things at the same time
referto send someone to a person or place for treatment

Supplementary Vocabulary

BabysitterA person that looks after kids when their parents are not home
Domestic HelpAny person that is hired to work at a residence
Minimum WageThe lowest legal wage a person can earn either hourly or monthly
MaidA woman that helps with the household chores such as cleaning and cooking
ButlerA man that helps with the household chores such as cleaning and cooking

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