Daily Life - Kitchen Appliances (C0275)

A:  I have been looking at this online catalog for over an hour and I still haven’t finished getting all the kitchen appliances that we need!
B:  What are you getting?
A:  Well, the first thing on my list is a new blender. I decided to also get a juicer and a new coffee maker.
B:  Don’t forget to also get a new mixer. I lent the old one to my brother and he broke it.
A:  Yeah I know. I also decided to throw away the old toaster and get a new one. I am also getting a rice cooker and steamer to make some nice steamed fish or veggies.
B:  I’m actually thinking of completely refurnishing the kitchen and getting a new stove, oven, dishwasher and trash compacter.
A:  That’s a good idea ! The kitchen will look amazing!

Key Vocabulary

blendera machine used for cutting food and ice and mixing
juicera machine used for making juice
mixera machine used for mixing things
toastera machine used for toasting bread
dishwasherthe machine used for washing dishes

Supplementary Vocabulary

microwave ovenan oven that uses waves to heat food
sandwich makersmall appliance used to press and heat bread to make sandwiches
fryermachine that can heat up cooking oil to fry food
slow cookera pot that uses low continuous heat to cook food

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