Daily Life - Telephone Services (C0276)

A:  Telco Mobile, how can I help you?
B:  Yes, I’d like to activate my voice mail service please.
A:  Certainly sir, we currently have a special promotion where we include voice mail services ,call waiting and also three way calling.
B:  Sure that sounds great! Are there any other fees?
A:  Not at all. No hidden fees or surcharges, it is a flat monthly rate.
B:  Perfect. I also wanted to know if there is any call forwarding service? I am usually out of town and would like my calls to be forwarded to a local number.
A:  Yes of course. We can activate all these services in about an hour.

Key Vocabulary

to activateto cause a device to start working
promotionsomething done to make people aware of a product
surchargemoney that be paid in addition to the regular
surchargemoney that be paid in addition to the regular

Supplementary Vocabulary

ringtonethe sound made by a cell phone when it receives a call
smartphonea phone that has more features than a traditional cell phone, including web browser, in-phone cameras, and different applications
headsetworn on the head to help you speak and listen while not holding your phone
rebatea partial refund, a discount
contractan agreement between two or more sides that has specific terms
hands-freesomething that makes you able to use it without hands

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