The Office - Presentation Series 3 - Making Comparisons (C0277)

Mr. Ford:  Now a key question you might ask yourself is what differentiates the new x420 line with our previous models, and also of course with some of our competitors.
Mr. Ford:  In other words what makes the x420 stand out from all the others? This is a key question, and is something I'd like to explore in a little depth. Firstly, the x420 has a range of USPs that really make it a cut above the rest.
Mr. Ford:  The first thing to mention is that the x420 is the first in a new generation of ultra-light laptop computers. It is only 2lbs, which compares very favorably with all our key competitors. In terms of computer performance, for such a light machine it’s very powerful. 4Gb of RAM, with an ultra-fast processor.
Mr. Ford:  The most advanced video and sound cards on the market are installed with a crystal-clear 15-inch LCD display. The x420 really stands out as next generation laptop. Compared with our previous x540 range it really is in a league of its own .
Mr. Ford:  Now, if we go on to look at projected sales for the x420 we can see that sales revenue for 2010 is expected to hit at least 20 million dollars. Now this is really a conservative estimate.
Mr. Ford:  If our marketing campaign is successful I'm confident that we could see a doubling of this figure at the very least. Now please bear in mind that this is only for the first year of production.
Mr. Ford:  I'm certain that in the coming three years the x420 will actually overtake all our existing products, both in terms of sales and revenue. Okay, now let's move on to discuss our marketing concept and look more closely at our key competitors.

Key Vocabulary

a cut abovebetter than
crystal-clearperfectly clear
bear in mindremember
differentiaterecognize or show the difference
in other wordstake another way to say
stand outvery noticeable
in a league of its ownthe best;have no competitor

Supplementary Vocabulary

revenuethe amount of sales, in dollars (or other currency)
market sharehow much of the market is occupied by sales of a certain product
breakthroughcreative, innovative technology
generateto come up with

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