Global View - At The Car Dealership (C0278)

A:  Hi there! I am looking for a new car. I have this old Ford Pinto that I would like to trade in.
B:  I see. You are in luck this month because all of our models are on sale! it is a perfect time to buy a new car since it’s the end of the year,
A:  Perfect! I like this one.
B:  That is the Ford Focus. A very light but powerful vehicle. It comes with dual side airbags, power steering and power windows, tinted windows and your choice of either automatic or manual transmission.
A:  Sounds like a good car! How many miles to the gallon?
B:  It is a very fuel efficient vehicle giving you about 34 miles in the city and 40 on the highway.
A:  That is really convenient. Especially now that fuel prices are so high! What’s under the hood?
B:  A very powerful 2.5-liter turbocharged engine, Trust me, this car is fast!
A:  Now for the most difficult question. What is the price tag for this lovely vehicle?
B:  Very affordable sir. You can take it out of this lot today with 0% down payment and no interest for the first year! You can test drive it now and we can sign the papers when we get back.
A:  Great! Let’s do it!

Key Vocabulary

trade insomething that you sell as part of payment for new
milesunit measuring distance
fuelsomething that can be turned into energy
down paymentfirst payment that you pay when buy something
interestmoney paid by a borrower for the borrowed money

Supplementary Vocabulary

lemonsomething that is sold, that seems like a good deal but actually does not work the way it should
warrantya guarantee on something sold, that would pay for a certain amount of damage to the product
limited-time offera promotion that is only available for a certain amount of time
rip offto give someone a bad deal
ripoffa bad deal

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