The Office - Presentation Series 4 - Discussing the Competition (C0280)

Mr. Ford:  Now, of course, with all this cutting-edge technology there must be a catch, you might ask yourself. I bet the retail price will be too much for most consumers, you might say. Well, you'd be wrong!
Mr. Ford:  Yes, of course the x420 is aimed at the luxury market, but if you compare the price of our leading competitors, the x420 represents incredible value for money. At only15,000RMB it is far more affordable and far more attractive than almost every leading brand and model.
Mr. Ford:  So, what differentiates us from our competitors? Well, if we compare Orange's luxury MP40 range then we can really highlight some of the differences.
Mr. Ford:  Now, of course Orange has an enviable record for producing revolutionary and top class products, and I must admit the MP40 is a breathtaking machine. However, for most consumers the MP40 is simply far too expensive to consider.
Mr. Ford:  Compared with the x420 it is more expensive and there's no doubt that considering the quality and workmanship that goes into the x420 we really win hands down on value for money.
Mr. Ford:  Also, if you compare the after sales service we offer I think we can proudly boast the best customer service facilities in the whole lap-top sector. As opposed to most of our rivals, we guarantee quality, we guarantee service and we guarantee reliability.
Mr. Ford:  The questions we must ask ourselves are " What does the Alpha brand stand for? and also " How can we set ourselves apart from our competitors? The answer to both of these questions is the same my friends.
Mr. Ford:  Alpha stands first and foremost for quality, for excellence and for service. If we always stick to this philosophy then I'm confident that we will really be able to expand our market share significantly. Okay, let me move on now to give you an idea of our marketing campaign for the x420

Key Vocabulary

cutting-edgethe newest and most advanced
catchhidden problem that makes something complicated
aimto direct (something) at a particular goal
differentiateto make different in some way
highlightto make or try to make people notice
enviablecausing envy ; very desirable
foremostmost important

Supplementary Vocabulary

high-endat the top level of consumer purchases, aimed at luxury and high-quality markets
outsourceto send a job somewhere else, often overseas
hotlinea phone number people can call to get help any time of day
mottoan expression that is the guiding principle of a person or organization
trademarksomething (symbol, logo,phrase, etc.) that distinguishes one company's product from its competitors

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