The Weekend - Breaking Up (C0281)

Lydia:  Hello?
Maggie:  Hey! Do you want to go out tonight?
Lydia:  No, I think I’ll pass. Mark broke up with me. I feel awful.
Maggie:  What?!? What happened? Just last week you were talking about going on vacation together!
Lydia:  I don't know what I did wrong. He said he needed some space to figure things out... He said I didn’t do anything wrong, that I’m a great person... just not the one for him...
Maggie:  Ugh! That’s so cliché. Mark’s not worth your time, Lydia. You deserve so much better!
Lydia:  I know we had hit a rough patch but I had hoped we could work it out next weekend, when we both had some time off... I think he found someone else. I had been getting suspicious because he had been spending a lot of time with a coworker...
Maggie:  Whatever. He’s a jerk, forget about him! There are many more fish in the sea.
Lydia:  Talk about being cliché, Maggie! But you’re right. There’s no use for me to sulk around... Let’s go out tonight!

Key Vocabulary

break upend a romantic relationship
talk aboutto deliver or express in speech
figure things outthink about something until understand
clichéa saying or idea that is overused
hit a rough patchgo through a difficult time
work outsolve, overcome

Supplementary Vocabulary

get dumpedto have someone break up with you
honeymoon periodthe time at the beginning of a relationship when everything is going well
long-distance relationshipwhen two people live far away from each other but are in a relationship
blind datewhen someone is set up to go on a date with a person he/she does not know
commitmentresponsibility and sincerity in a relationship
casual datingnot dating to get married, just having fun, nothing serious

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