Daily Life - Tune Up (C0284)

A:  Welcome to Al’s Garage. What seems to be the problem?
B:  No problem at all! I am taking a long road trip and I want to make sure my car is in good mechanical condition.
A:  Very wise decision. When was the last time you had a tune up?
B:  Not that long ago, I think it was four months ago.
A:  We usually recommend that you bring your car in every five thousand kilometers.
B:  Why? I mean, what exactly do you do to a car that you need to check it so often?
A:  First of all, we change the motor oil and oil filter. If you don’t do this, it can cause your engine to wear faster and that means you would probably have to change the pistons and intake valves.
B:  I see. What else?
A:  We also check your spark plugs, fuel filter, and other oil levels such as hydraulic fluid. We also check the clutch and brakes to determine when you will need new ones.
B:  Ok, well, when you put it that way, it doesn’t seem like a waste of time and money.
A:  Trust me, regular tune ups will keep your car running smoothly and avoid break downs.

Key Vocabulary

road triplong trip by car
pistona part of an engine that moves up and down inside
spark pluga device in the engine which produces electric spa
break downstop working
enginethe device which helps cars getting running
clutchpedal that you press before you change gear
brakea device that slows down or stops something
smoothlywithout problems or difficulties

Supplementary Vocabulary

brake padspart of the disk brake, brake pads are squeezed together to help the car brake
antifreezea chemical compound used in internal combustion engines, helps to regulate the temperature of the engine
ABS; anti-lock braking systemprevents the wheels of the car from locking up while braking
mileagethe number of miles traveled over a period of time

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