Daily Life - Handyman (C0285)

A:  The air conditioning is not working! We need to call a handyman before we start to fry in here!
B:  Dan is on top of that. I think they are also getting the handyman to fix the bathroom toilet that keeps clogging up.
A:  That would be convenient. They might as well ask him to fix the electrical wiring. The circuit breakers keep going out all the time. It’s really annoying!
B:  Yeah you are right. This office is falling apart! Frank told me the other day that the gutters outside were clogged and that’s why the parking lot was flooded.
A:  I know! I was in ankle deep water trying to get to my car that day! The handyman definitely has his work cut out for him.

Key Vocabulary

air conditioningsomething that makes the air cooler
handymana person who is skillful at doing small jobs
on top of thatbesides that
clog upbecomes blocked
wiringthe system of wires that carry electricity
fall apartslowly break
gutterlong, hollow device that is attached to a roof

Supplementary Vocabulary

plumbersomeone who installs the pipes, bathroom fixtures, and fixes toilets, sinks, etc.
electriciansomeone who works with the electric wiring of a building
plungera rubber device that helps to unclog toilets
insulationmaterial used to regulate temperature; keep a building warm in the winter and cool in the summer
guttera channel on the side of a building or street that guides away surface water

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