Daily Life - High School Reunion (C0287)

A:  I hate coming to high school reunions.
B:  It will be great honey. We will get to see your old classmates and catch up to see how they have been doing.
A:  Yeah I guess so. Oh look! There is Robert Matthews! Rob!
C:  Hey Bill! Wow great to see you!
A:  Likewise! It’s been a long time! This is my wife Dorthy.
C:  Pleasure to meet you. So Bill, how have you been?
A:  Can’t complain! We have 2 children who are in college and my business is going well. What about you?
C:  Ah you know me! I am a dedicated bachelor. I never married although I do have a beautiful daughter with Mary, you remember her? We were high school sweetheart, didn’t really work out between us, but I really can’t complain either.
A:  That’s good. Have you seen Frank? I was hoping he would come tonight.
C:  You didn’t hear? Frank passed away last year.
A:  Are you serious?
C:  Nah! I’m just yanking your chain. He’ll be here soon. I saw him just last week and he told me he would show up.

Key Vocabulary

catch upmeet each other
dedicatedhave strong loyalty to someone or something
yank your chaindeceive someone in a friendly or playful way
high school sweetheartthe person who you loved in high school

Supplementary Vocabulary

reminisceto reflect and muse about old times
stereotypeto generalize a particular person or group; a generalization, a simplified image
jockan athlete, stereotypically popular but not very smart
nerda stereotype of someone who studies well but lacks in social skills
cheerleadera person who leads the cheering at sports events; a person who rallies the crowd

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