The Weekend - Getting A Tattoo (C0288)

A:  I have made up my mind. I am getting a tattoo.
B:  Really? Are you sure?
A:  Yeah! Why not? They are trendy and look great! I want to get a dragon on my arm or maybe a tiger on my back.
B:  Yeah but, it is something that you will have forever! They use indelible ink that can only be removed with laser treatment. On top of all that, I have heard it hurts a lot!
A:  Really?
B:  Of course! They use this machine with a needle that pokes your skin and inserts the ink.
A:  Oh, I didn’t know that! I thought they just paint it on your skin or something.
B:  I think you should reconsider and do some more research about tattoos. Also, find out where the nearest tattoo parlor is and make sure they used sterilized needles, and that the place is hygienic.
A:  Maybe I should just get a tongue piercing!

Key Vocabulary

trendyfollowing the latest trends
on top of all thatbesides that
reconsiderto think carefully about something again
hygienicclean and unlikely to cause illness
sterilizedcompletely clean and free from germs

Supplementary Vocabulary

rebelliousdefying authority, going against the mainstream
body artused to describe tattoos, but also other, more temporary forms of decorating the body
temporaryexisting for only a short period of time
permanentsomething that exists for a long time; does not leave

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