The Office - Presentation Series 7 - Handling Technical Problems (C0289)

Mr. Ford:  Okay, so if we could dim the lights Jonathan, we can kick-off with the first TV advert. Please note that we are still in the early days with this advert, so it might seem a bit rough round the edges. Okay, so. just need to click this and the advert should pop up on the screen...
Mr. Ford:  Hmmmmmm. Sorry about this. Bear with me me a second. There seems to be a problem with the projector. Let me see. could you lend a hand a second?
Jonathan:  It looks like the projector is not recognizing the computer. Let me check the connection a second... Well the connection seems okay, and the computer is running normally.
Mr. Ford:  Okay. Sorry guys. Obviously a problem with the system. Let's just reboot and start over. Let's see if this resolves the issue.
Jonathan:  Right, lets try again. No, still nothing Michael. There might be a technical issue with the projector. I think maybe the projector has overheated. We might need to cool it down for ten minutes and start again. I'll call IT support to come over right now.
Mr. Ford:  Okay guys. Unfortunately technical problems do crop up from time to time, don't they? But it's not a huge problem. In the meantime while the IT guys get to work on that I can talk a little bit more about the advertising concept and what we are looking to achieve overall with this campaign.

Key Vocabulary

kick-offbeginning of an event
crop upappears or happens unexpectedly
rough round the edgeshaving a rough quality; not smooth or refined
bear with meto be patient with me

Supplementary Vocabulary

kinka flaw that hinders the success of an operation or plan
unpreparedwithout adequate preparation, not ready
stallto intentionally delay
screw-upas a noun: a mess-up, can be used to refer to a person or thing; as a verb: to mess up

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