The Weekend - Buying Jewelery (C0290)

Shop assistant:  Good afternoon, sir, is there anything I can help you with today?
Mark:  umm... yeah!I’m looking for a nice gift to give my girlfriend. Our fifth anniversary’s next Friday.
Shop assistant:  Well, I would be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect gift for her. Is there anything particular that you have in mind?
Mark:  No, not really... I'm completely at a loss.
Shop assistant:  Well, you can give her a set of pearl earrings, or this beautiful heart-shaped pendant. What is her favorite gemstone?
Mark:  That purple one. I’m sorry...I've never bought jewelery for anyone and I’m kind of nervous.
Shop assistant:  Don’t worry, we specialize in providing our customers a relaxed, pressure-free shopping environment. That stone is an amethyst. We have a range of beautiful amethyst pieces. Take a look at this bracelet. It’s 18K rose-gold, studded with amethyst and blue topaz. It’s a great statement piece.
Mark: That’s really pretty. Jess would love that. But... I was thinking of something a little more delicate, perhaps a necklace?
Shop assistant:  We have this beautiful platinum pendant, or you could also get her a locket. You could also get her a timepiece---it's both glamorous yet functional. If you tell me a little more about your girlfriend, maybe I can help you find something for her.
Mark:  Jess? Well, she’s very smart, and has a great sense of humor. She’s very feminine...
Shop assistant:  Perhaps you could give her a ring?
Mark:  Well...actually...I was thinking about asking Jess to marry me...I've just been so nervous.
Shop assistant:  Well sir, I believe your fifth anniversary is a great time to propose!
Mark:  Okay, I’ve decided. I’m going to pop the question!
Shop assistant:  Fabulous! We should look at engagement rings then! Now that’s a whole other section.

Key Vocabulary

anniversaryThe date on which a romance began
have in mindto be thinking of something
heart-shapedsomething in the shape of a heart
pendanta piece of jewelry that hangs on a chain
gemstonea stone that can be used in jewelry
amethysta clear purple or bluish-purple stone
braceleta piece of jewelry worn on the wrist
18Kcontain 75% gold
blue topaza blue precious stone
platinuma heavy, silver-colored metal
locketA small ornamental case
pop the questionask a big question (proposal)

Supplementary Vocabulary

bling-blingslang: a term used to describe shiny jewelry, usually with a lot of diamonds
carata unit of weight in gemstones
flashyeye-catching, shiny and brilliant; ostentatious, attention-grabbing but not classy
show-stoppersomething that is so interesting as to figuratively "stop the show"
gold-diggersomeone who marries for money

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