The Office - Presentation Series 8 - Common Presentation Mistakes (C0292)

Mr. Ford:  So as I mentioned previously the campaign advertisement will focus on those key elements that every consumer looks for in a quality laptop: affordability, quality, speed and reliability. We have pulled out all the stops to produce a product that really rivals all our competitors.
Mr. Ford:  Actually, just to illustrate my point let me give you an anecdote here. I remember last year I was playing golf with one of our key suppliers. It was a lovely summer afternoon. Anyway, I invited our supplier for a game of golf, and wanted to get his input on the new x420.
Mr. Ford:  Actually, I often get together with him for a good game of golf. It really is a wonderful way to relax. To be honest, I'm not that great at golf, but I have improved in the last few years. But the key to golf is practice, practice, practice. I've lost my thread. What was I talking about again?
Jonathan:  I think you were discussing the campaign advertisement Michael.
Mr. Ford:  Yes, excuse me. I'm afraid I got side-tracked there. Yes anyway, the campaign. Well, erm. let me see. Is the projector working yet Jonathan?
Jonathan:  No sorry, IT are still fixing it.
Mr. Ford:  Ahh okay, erm... all the information on the campaign is on the PowerPoint. I haven't actually got my notes with me...ermlet me see, erm.....
Audience Member:  Mr. Ford, could you at least tell us the schedule for the campaign? When are the first advertisements scheduled for?
Mr. Ford:  That's a good question. Unfortunately I erm...don't have that information on me. I will have to get back to you on that point.
Jonathan:  Okay Michael, the projector is fixed. I think we're ready.
Mr. Ford:  Thank goodness. Okay everyone, sorry for the delay. So without further ado the new x420 marketing campaign! Enjoy! oh ermmm. I'm terribly sorry, this is not the advert, this is my golfing holiday in Barbados. I think I must have brought the wrong file. Can we take five?

Key Vocabulary

illustrateto give examples to make something easier to under
side-trackchange topic
get back to youto talk to or write to you at a later time
take fivehave rest

Supplementary Vocabulary

tangenta separate, loosely related train of thought
befuddleto confuse, make unclear
clumsyawkward in movements or action
get tongue-tiedget confused, to not know what to say

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