Daily Life - Picking A University (C0294)

A:  I've never heard of AmLion College. Could you...
B:  Of course sir, let me give you a brief overview. AmLion College is located in the center of New York city. The school covers a wide range of academic subjects; and eighty percent of the courses are transferable to other state universities. And, last year AmLion College was ranked number one in terms of graduate employment.
A:  Interesting, and what about the tuition fees, then?
B:  You'll be looking at somewhere around fifteen thousand US dollars per semester.
A:  Okay, well.
B:  And, did I mention our on-campus housing? Students can stay in our newly renovated dorms for as little as three thousand dollars per month!
A:  Sounds good. Well. I'll just grab one of your flyers.
B:  Sir, you got the wrong flyer. Sir, sir!

Key Vocabulary

overviewa general review
wide rangea variety
rankplace something in a particular position
tuitionschool fee
semesterone of two divisions of an academic year
dorma room for student to sleep in
on-campus housingflats or apartments in school
flyera small sheet that advertises a product

Supplementary Vocabulary

admissionthe right of entrance
fraternitya group of persons associated by or as if by ties of brotherhood.
spring breaka school holiday, usually for a week, during March

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