Global View - Vegan Or Vegetarian? (C0296)

A:  Hey Julie, you want to go grab something to eat?
B:  Sure! What do you feel like having?
A:  I really feel like having a big juicy steak!
B:  Oh. ok. I don’t eat meat, but that’s fine, I am sure wherever we are going they will have other options right?
A:  I didn’t know you were a vegetarian!
B:  I’m not, I am a vegan.
A:  A what?
B:  A vegan. I don’t eat or use any animal based products. I don’t wear leather, eat eggs, drink milk or anything that comes from an animal. I used to be a pescatarian before, which basically means you don’t eat meat, but still have fish and seafood.
A:  Wow! That’s interesting! It must be tough!
B:  It’s a bit difficult to find vegetarian friendly restaurants sometimes, but since more and more people are vegetarians or vegans nowadays, it’s getting a bit less difficult.

Key Vocabulary

feel likehave an inclination or desire for
steakpiece of cow meat
vegetariana person who does not eat meat or fish
vegana person who does not eat or use animal products
leathermade with animal skin that is chemically treated
come fromoriginates from
more and morecontinuing to become larger in number

Supplementary Vocabulary

vegetablekind of food that is not meat
meatkind of food that is not a vegetable
milksubstance coming from a cow
hippiea person whose behavior, dress, etc, implied a rejection of conventional values

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