The Weekend - Ordering At An Italian Restaurant (C0297)

A:  Good evening ladies. My name is Josh and I'll be your server tonight. May I take your order?
B:  Do you have any recommendations?
A:  Well, I personally like the chicken penne with cream mushroom sauce, but the prawn fettuccine is also very nice.
B:  Hmm. I'd like to have the grilled chicken, but can I have spaghetti instead of penne?
A:  Of course, mam. And for you?
C:  I... ah..I'll have the horse tripe.

Key Vocabulary

servera waiter or waitress
recommendationa suggestion or proposal
prawna large shrimp
fettuccinepasta in the shape of long narrow strips
spaghettipasta dish originally from Italy
pennea type of Italian pasta
horse tripethe stomach of a horse used as food

Supplementary Vocabulary

parmesana type of cheese, usually goes with spaghetti
pizzaan Italian dish, round in shape
calzonea turnover made of pizza dough, usually containing cheese
ricottaa soft Italian cheese that resembles cottage cheese.

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