Daily Life - Online Dating (C0300)

A:  Do you want to hang out tomorrow?
B:  Oh, I can’t. I have a date!
A:  Really? Wow with who?
B:  This girl I’ve been chatting with forthe past couple of months. She’s really cool and she’s driving over here this weekend.
A:  Wait a minute, you mean you met her online?
B:  Yeah! I signed up for a website called match. and it is great! You fill in all your details and preferences, like if you are a smoker or if you have any pets. Then you find people that have similar characteristics and you can email them or chat.
A:  That is kind of weird! What if she is a psycho or something like that?
B:  It’s the same as meeting people anywhere and dating them! I am just tired of going to bars or being set up for dates by my friends! I think this is a really cool alternative, especially if you are a bit shy.
A:  I guess it does seem logical. I’ll have to check it out!

Key Vocabulary

datea appointment, engagement, or occasion with another person
chattalk with another person
onlineover the internet
psychoa crazy person
characteristica distinguishing feature or quality
preferencethe favoring of one thing over another
hang outspend time with a friend

Supplementary Vocabulary

rejectto refuse to accept
hunka handsome man
compatibleable to exist together harmoniously
uglyvery unattractive or unpleasant to look at
sexyexcitingly appealing; glamorous

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