The Weekend - Vampires (C0301)

A:  You want to go tothe movies tonight?
B:  Sure! What’s playing?
A:  The new Twilight movie!
B:  Twilight? As inthe vampire movies? No way I am watching that. I don’t understand why everyone isso excited about these films about vampires. It doesn’t make sense.
A:  Of course it does. It’s like a modern tale of Romeo and Juliet. You have a couple that is in love but can’t be together because they are so different. Add in the fact that immortality and super human strengthis really sexy and there you have it! Plus the cast is hip, young people that make the movie even more enticing.
B:  I don’t buy into that. I think it’s just a fad. Pretty soon this will pass and everyone will be into werewolves or zombies!

Key Vocabulary

vampirea dead person who sucks the blood of living person
talea story
fada temporary fashion or notion
werewolvesa wolf with extraordinary strength
zombiea dead corpse, likes to eat brain
immortallive forever
enticeto lead on by exciting hope or desire
hipcool, fashionable
super human strengthextraordinary power

Supplementary Vocabulary

Ghoulspirit or ghost
horrorcentered upon or depicting terrifying events
nightmarea terrifying dream in which the dreamer experiences feelings of helplessness
fanan enthusiastic devotee or follower of a celebrity, pastime, etc
obsessto think about something unceasingly or persistently

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