Daily Life - Neat Freak (C0304)

A:  Ugg, this bathroom is a pigsty!
B:  Helen, why do you keep flushing the toilet? What's wrong?
A:  I just can't stand it. It's really gross in here! There's a stain on the toilet seat, and the floor was wet and slippery. So I cleaned it!
B:  You did what? Helen, I know it's gross, but I've seen many public washrooms that are much worse. Why are you cleaning the counter top? are you out of your mind?
A:  I can't help myself; it's just so disgusting in here!
B:  Helen, this is not like your own bathroom. Just leave it to the cleaners,okay?
A:  Hang on. I'm just gonna quickly wipe the sink and sweep the floor.
B:  You're such a neat freak! I'm outta here!

Key Vocabulary

pigstya dirty or untidy place
flushto cause water to clean a toilet
are you out of your mindsaying to indicate someones idea or actions is unbelievable or crazy e.g are you out of your mind? you can't fight a bear!
neat freaklikes to have every element of their life tidy and in order

Supplementary Vocabulary

dumpan accumulation of discarded garbage
litterscattered rubbish
tidyneat, orderly, or trim
revoltingdisgusting; repulsive
odoursmell, aroma

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