The Office - Small Talk Series - Showing Interest (C0307)

Tina:  Hey Michelle, this is my friend James. He's visiting Shanghai from New York.
Michelle:  Oh, hi James. Nice to meet you. So, uh. you visiting for business or pleasure?
James:  Well, actually a little of both. I'm meeting some business contacts but I'm also taking some Mandarin classes too.
Michelle:  That's cool! How's it going?
James:  Well, I'm finding the classes pretty tough actually, but I'm having a great time in Shanghai. It's really an amazing city.
Michelle:  It sure is. Are you staying for long?
James:  Only two weeks unfortunately. I wish I could stay longer but.
Michelle:  Well listen, if you need someone to show youthe sights then just call me. I'm having a little get together at my new apartment next week so if you want to drop bythen.
James:  That sounds great. I'd love to! Let me take down your number Michelle.

Key Vocabulary

visitgo to someplace in a formal way
sightsomething seen or worth seeing
get togetherspend time together
pleasurefeeling of happiness
drop byan informal visit

Supplementary Vocabulary

rendezvousan agreement between two or more persons to meet at a certain time and place.
reunionthe act of uniting again.

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