Daily Life - Boxers and Briefs (C0308)

A:  Lily, I found a pair of men's boxers in the laundry machine this morning!
B:  What?! That's weird. Are they your boyfriend's?
A:  Nah, Kevin only wears briefs. Plus, this pair is extra small!
B:  What do they look like?
A:  They're light blue with thin pink stripes... Oh, and there's a Snoopy on it which is hilarious, hahah...
B:  Those are my undies!

Key Vocabulary

boxersloose-fitting undershorts with an elastic waistband
laundryclothes that need to be washed
briefsclose-fitting, legless underpants with an elastic waistband
hilariousvery amusing
undiesunderwear (informal)

Supplementary Vocabulary

braa woman's undergarment for supporting the breasts
ironan appliance with a flat metal bottom, used when heated, as by electricity, to press or smooth clothes
maida female servant
washing machineappliance for washing clothing

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