The Office - Small Talk 2 (C0310)

James:  So Michelle, let me introduce you to Maria. She's my colleague from Brazil. Maria, this is Michelle.
Maria:  Hi Michelle. So what do you do here in Shanghai? I mean, what work do you do?
Michelle:  I work in advertising right now. How about you?
Maria:  I'm actually inthe wine business.
Michelle:  That sounds really great. I love wine myself! Is this your first time to Shanghai Maria?
Maria:  No actually, I often visit. I usually come to China for business at least once a year. Also, I love the restaurants in Shanghai, so that's a good reason to come.
Michelle:  Me too. Actually, there's a great Brazilian restaurant I recommend. I mean, the food is delicious butthe service isn't so good. I often like to get together with friends and have a great barbecue there.
James:  We should go together some time.
Michelle:  Wonderful idea! I'd love that!

Key Vocabulary

recommendsay something deserves to be chosen
servicean act of help or assistance
colleaguethe person who works with you together
barbecuea framework, as a grill or a spit, or a fireplace for cooking meat or vegetables over an open fire
introduceto present (a person) to another so as to make acquainted.

Supplementary Vocabulary

acquaintto become more or less familiar, aware of something
advocateto speak or write in favor of; support or urge by argument
impressiona strong, favourable, or remarkable effect
picnicexcursion or outing in which the people carry food with them and share a meal in the open air.

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