The Office - Sending A Quote Via Email (C0315)

Tracy:  Melanie, can you help me with something? We need to finalize the account with the Mexican Embassy and, I need some advice on phrasing this letter correctly in English.
Melanie:  Sure Tracy, let me just get my laptop. all set.
Tracy:  Okay, so……. toWhom It May Concern, I am writing.
Melanie:  Um, Tracy? I think that’s a little too formal. I know you want to be polite but you’ve already made contact with them, so in English you can be more relaxed inthe opening….
Tracy:  Okay, more relaxed. Got it…. Hey Sally, what’s up? It’s Tracy here, just.
Melanie:  Okay Tracy, now it’s too relaxed! You’ve still got to show some respect. How about starting with “Dear Ms. Cooper, I’m writing to confirm…?
Tracy:  Great, okay. “Dear Miss Cooper, I’m writing to confirm the final quotation forthe full page back cover color advertisement you requested forthe spring issue of Voila magazine.
Melanie:  That’s great….
Tracy:  “ The final costing, including advert design and production, comes to forty-five thousand six hundred RMB. We want payment ten working days before publication or we will cancel the ad. Thanks for…”
Melanie:  Woo, okay back up a second Tracy. That’s too direct. Can I suggest you say, " please note thatfinal payment is due two working weeks before publication? You don’t want to offend her.
Tracy:  Oops okay. You are right. Then I can just end with “All the best, Tracy”
Melanie:  Hmmmm, maybe, but I’d play it safeand just finish with “Yours Sincerely”. That’s more professional.
Tracy:  Oh, Melanie you are a life saver, thank you!

Key Vocabulary

costingcharge, make someone pay
please note thatbeing informed of something
quotationa statement of the price of an item or service
play it safego with the safest option
I am writing tointroduction

Supplementary Vocabulary

cargofreight of a ship, airplane
linka word icon, etc, on which a user may click to move to another part of or different website,document
attachmentomething attached, as a document added to a letter, or an picture in a email etc
etiquetteconventional requirements as to social behavior; proprieties of conduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion.

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