Daily Life - Small Talk Series 4 - Discussing Recent Workevents (C0316)

Jeremy:  Hi Michelle. Do you need to usethe photocopier?
Michelle:  Oh hi Jeremy. No please, go ahead. So how are you Jeremy? I was talking to Linda about you only last week.
Jeremy:  Oh I'm fine thanks. I'm super busy with work actually. Did you hear about the Lawson contract?
Michelle:  No, tell me more.
Jeremy:  Well, I was discussing the contract with Bill and he said that they metthe head of Lawsons last week.
Michelle:  And.
Jeremy:  And hopefully they are going to confirm the deal on Wednesday, fingers crossed
Michelle:  That's great news Jeremy. Congratulations! Anyway, I must get back, but give my regards to your wife Monica.
Jeremy:  I will Michelle. Speak to you soon.

Key Vocabulary

contractwritten agreement between two or more people
fingers crossedhope for luck
regardgood wishes
headtop boss

Supplementary Vocabulary

hopefulfull of hope; expressing hope
executivea person or group of persons having administrative or supervisory authority in an organization
sincerenot hypocritical or deceitful

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