Daily Life - Small Talk 5 - Brief Talk With A Stranger (C0319)

Older gentleman:  Oh dear Miss, you are soaked! Wow, it's really raining heavily outside.
Michelle:  Yes, it sure is. I had to run here from work! I need to rush as I'm on my lunch break.
Older gentleman:  Well please, why don't you go ahead of me in line? I'm in no hurry.
Michelle:  Oh, that's so nice of you! Thank you very much.
Older gentleman:  My pleasure Miss. Actually, could you recommend what to eat here? I've never been here before.
Michelle:  Sure. Well, the avocado sandwich is delicious, and it's the healthiest thing on the menu. Personally, I think the beef salad is the tastiest choice. I usually get that. Also, the milkshakes are the best milkshakes in town!
Older gentleman:  Well, thanks for the suggestions.
Michelle:  Oh, don't mention it.

Key Vocabulary

soakto be thoroughly wet
rushin a hurry
personallyas regards oneself
suggestionidea about what someone should do
mentiontalk about something briefly

Supplementary Vocabulary

drenchto wet thoroughly
scrumptiosvery pleasing
hasteurgent need of quick action

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