The Office - Small Talk 6 - Talking About Yourself (C0322)

Michelle:  Excuse me, is this seat taken?
Stranger:  No, please feel free.
Michelle:  Thanks a lot.
Stranger:  Do you work in Shanghai?
Michelle:  Yes I do. How about you?
Stranger:  No, I'm a tourist. This place is amazing! It's much bigger than I imagined, and much more exciting! There's so much to see here.
Michelle:  You can say that again! It's much more modern than people imagine. Where are you from?
Stranger:  Um, well let's see.....I'm from Kansas originally. A much quieter and more peaceful place than here, that's for sure!
Michelle:  Uh huh....
Stranger:  But I'm living in Paris right now.
Michelle:  Oh Paris! Wonderful, I'd love to visit some time!

Key Vocabulary

tourista person who is traveling
amazingcausing wonder or astonishment
peacefulcalm or tranquil
imagineto form a mental image of

Supplementary Vocabulary

vainexcessively proud of or concerned about one's own appearance, qualities, achievements
historicwell-known or important in history
secludesheltered or screened from general activity
off the beaten trackout of the way

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