Daily Life - Cancelled Flight (C0323)

A:  Good afternoon Sir, may I please see your passport and reservation?
B:  Here you go.
A:  I’m sorry sir, this flight has been cancelled due to some mechanical problems.
B:  Cancelled! So what am I supposed to do now?
A:  We apologize for any inconveniences that may be caused by this. If your flight is urgent, I can put you on a waiting list for another flight this evening, but it’s on a first come first served basis, so there is no guarantee that you will be able to take that flight.
B:  What’s my other option?
A:  If you can wait until tomorrow, we will put youup in a hotel for today and you can take scheduled flight for tomorrow morning.
B:  That’s fine. I’ll do that then.
A:  Thank you for your understanding sir. I will book your flight now.

Key Vocabulary

reservationan arrangement to secure accommodations at a restaurant or hotel
cancelto decide that something will not happen
inconveniencehe quality or state of being inconvenient.
scheduledplanned at a specific time

Supplementary Vocabulary

routea customary or regular line of passage or travel
diversionthe act of diverting or turning aside, as from a course or purpose
delayto put off to a later time
departto go away, leave
refundTo give back, especially money; return or repay:

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