Daily Life - Report Card (C0326)

A:  Look, Jimmy’s report came today.
B:  Let’s have a look. What is this? Where are all the grades?
A:  He’s in the third grade Sam! You see under each subject that he is being taught in school, he receives a mark from one to three. A one means his achievement or work is excellent. Here in Science for example he got a two, which means its satisfactory.
B:  What about here in physical education?
A:  He got a three here which means it’s unsatisfactory. We should work on that with him.
B:  So confusing! In my day we got an A or B if we were doing well and if we failed an exam we would get an F!

Key Vocabulary

reportwritten document that provides information about a persons achievements
gradea position or degree in a scale, as of quality, rank, size, or progression
subjecta branch of knowledge as a course of study
marka symbol used in rating conduct, proficiency, attainment
achievementsomething that has been done or accomplished
satisfactoryfulfilling all demands or requirements
examformal test taken at the end of a course

Supplementary Vocabulary

passto complete successfully
failto receive less than the passing grade or mark in an examination, class, or course of study
distinctionspecial honour, recognition
awardsomething awarded, such as a prize or medal
principalthe head or director of a school

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