Daily Life - Buying A Pair Of Jeans (C0327)

A:  Excuse me, can I try on this pair of jeans?
B:  Sure. Let me see... I'm afraid we don't have any size eights left.
A:  What are you talking about? I'm always a size four. Here, I'll try these.
B:  They seem a bit too tight. Shall I find you a larger size?
A:  No, they fit fine! They show off my curves perfectly!
B:  Yeah, your love handles. Yeah, they sure do, although... here, you forgot to close this button.
A:  Yeah right, I'll do it now...

Key Vocabulary

try ontry on, to put clothing in order to judge its appearance and fit
tightaffording little or no extra room; fitting closely
fitto go into or through a particular space
love handlesbulges of fat at the sides of the waist.
showget someone to pay attention

Supplementary Vocabulary

loosenot fitting closely or tightly
changeto remove and replace
wearto have on the body
denimcotton for jeans, overalls, and other work and leisure garments
appropriatesuitable or fitting for a particular purpose, person, occasion, etc

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