The Office - Small Talk 8 - Talking About Work (C0328)

Mr. Campbell:  Ah Michelle hi. I was hoping to see you. How have you been? How's the family?
Michelle:  Oh hello Mr. Campbell. I'm fine and Jack's doing well. How are you?
Mr. Campbell:  I'm fine thanks. I got your report this morning. Thank's for that. Are you joining the conference today?
Michelle:  Yes, I'm leaving at four pm.
Mr Campbell:  Good, well we can discuss this more then, but I think the figures are looking very good for this quarter.
Michelle:  Yes, me too.
Mr Campbell:  I'm planning to discuss the advertising budget at the conference. I don't think we should continue with the TV advertising.
Michelle:  No, me neither. It's far too expensive.
Mr. Campbell:  Well, let's discuss this more at the conference. Maybe we can share a taxi there.
Michelle:  Yes, sure.

Key Vocabulary

conferencea formal meeting where many people talk about ideas
reportwritten document that provides information about something
discusstalk about
quarterone fourth of a calendar or fiscal year
budgetmoney available to spend
advertiseto announce or praise in order to raise awarness in a product or service

Supplementary Vocabulary

marketingact of buying or selling in a market
publishto issue publicly the work of
segmenta different group
grapha diagram representing a system of connections or interrelations among two or more things

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