The Office - Small Talk 10 - General Talk (C0334)

Mr. Campbell:  Hi ladies. Thanks for picking me up. It's awful weather out there!
Michelle:  Absolutely. It's been raining for hours.
Mr. Campbell:  How are you Melissa? Are you okay?
Melissa:  I'm great thanks, Mr. Campbell.
Michelle:  Do you have any business trips planned soon Mr. Campbell?
Mr. Campbell:  Of course. I'm always travelling! I will leave for London next Monday, and then I'll fly to Boston from there. It's going to be a busy month. How about you Michelle? Any vacation plans?
Michelle:  Yes. Mike and I will travel to Beijing to see Mikes parents for Spring festival, and hopefully next year we will visit London. I hear it's a wonderful city.
Mr. Campbell:  I couldn't agree more. London is really fantastic. It's my favorite city. I'm sure you'll have a great time.

Key Vocabulary

absolutelyto a complete degree
awfulreally bad
planTo have something set to do in the future.
festivala day or time of religious or other celebration

Supplementary Vocabulary

randomwithout definite aim, purpose, method
terribleextremely bad; horrible
paradea large public procession
unsurewithout sure knowledge; uncertain

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