The Weekend - Going To The Playground (C0335)

A:  Hey honey! Where were you?
B:  I decided to take Kenny to the park and get some fresh air.
A:  How was it? Were there a lot of kids?
B:  It wasn’t too crowded, but we had a great time! We got on the see-saw together, the went on a couple of different slides and then I tried to go with him in the jungle gym, but I didn’t fit.
A:  Sounds like fun! When we go he always just likes to play in the sandbox.
B:  Yeah, but today he was really hyper. He even got on the monkey bars and then he went on to go on the swings for a half hour. I’m exhausted!
A:  You should go to the park more often since you don’t go to the gym anymore!

Key Vocabulary

parkan area of land, for the enjoyment of the public
crowdedfilled to excess; packed.
see-sawa plank used to balance
slidea smooth surface for sliding on
sandboxa box for holding sand, lare enough for children to play in
hyperoverexcited; overstimulated
swingthe action of hitting the golf ball
exhaustedvery tired

Supplementary Vocabulary

merry-go-rounda revolving, circular platform with wooden horses or other animals, benches, etc., on which people may sit or ride
hop scotcha children's game in which one hops across square spaces
marblesa game for children in which a marble is propelled by the thumb to hit another marble
skipping ropea length of rope that is swung around while someone jumps over it

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